We now offer in studio direct to disc Recording Services! Record up to 7 minutes direct to clear vinyl records with our 1950's RCA Victor Record cutting Lathe. It's a one mic and one take session. 1-3 people and acoustic instruments are preferred. $20 per session add an extra $10 for side B session and you get to keep this one of a kind record!

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Record live on side A!!! 

GHOST TOWN - Evan Middlesworth.mp3

BLUEBIRD - Firefly.mp3

COLD SWAMP - Mos Funnel.mp3

GONE TO FIND MYSELF - Brian Bethke.mp3


Cut Side B from MP3 or CD!!!

Record two live songs or bring your own music to be cut to side B

TWICE - Dames.mp3

I'LL BE ALRIGHT - Nancy Olson.mp3

WINDOWS GAME - Upright Figurine.mp3

NEON DREAMS - Brother Grimm and The Echoes.mp3