1979  a book was published that should have changed the way we look at our energy needs and the way we construct our homes. This book outlined easy to adapt rules for active and passive solar heat with systems that  can easily be constructed with readily available materials at the same cost of constructing your new home. 

That book was simply called "The Hawkweeds Passive Solar House Book" Written by The Hawkweed Group and Published by Rand McNally & Company. 

The Hawkweed group  had a innovative and simple way to help ease our reliance on foreign oil and slash the cost of heating and cooling your home

When not practicing architecture at their office in Chicago the hawkweed groups members could be found at their beautiful 160 acre farm east of Osseo Wisconsin. There they grew vegetables and lived in there solar homes they built themselves. The 160 acres eventually had 4 homes, 1 office, a guest house and solar heated Chicken coup. 

In 1978 the Hawkweeds lead architect Rodney Wright was given the commission to build America's first solar town in Soldiers Grove Wisconsin. Earlier in the year a flood wiped out most of The town they made the decision that all the buildings in the new town center be energy-efficient and solar-heated.  The end result was America's first solar town where residents still use those systems that were put into place over 30 years ago.

Through the years Rodney and Sydney Wright built many homes and businesses spreading the warmth of the sun across the country. The Wrights eventually relocated to Kentucky and still practice low sustainable Architecture today. 

Today the Hawkweed Group office is home to  Hawkweed vinyl

The Klein Cabin Built By Rodney Wright 

Klein Cabin  

 Hawkweed Office Photo from Progressive Architecture 1982 Article 

First Experimental Active Solar House Built By Rodney Wright

Rodney Wright Building His Dream. Have built yours? 

"The Hawkweeds Passive Solar House Book" Written by The Hawkweed Group and Published by Rand McNally & Company.